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Farwell, MI  48622



Handcrafted leather wallets accented with exotic skins including shark, python, lizard, and rattlesnake made in Farwell, MI.

We offer the finest handcrafted, calfskin wallet accented with legally captured snakes, lizards and sharks. Traditional bifold or trifold styles, also available with extra card pockets.



Tired of your bifold wallet or trifold wallet being too thick?

Your new handmade wallet will be made from the finest calfskin accented with an exotic leather, either snake skins (diamond (aka reticulated) python, rock (aka molorous) python, diamondback watersnake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake or western diamondback rattlesnake), ring lizard or shark skin.   The exotic
 skin is only on the exterior of your handmade wallet, while the
interior of your handmade wallet is made of kip.

 Diamondback Watersnake


Your handmade bifold wallet or trifold wallet is made larger than the commercial-style wallets to better accept your credit cards.  However, each handmade wallet will easy fit your pocket.  The bifold wallet measures 5-1/16 x 3-1/2"| folded.  The trifold wallet measures
4-3/8 x 3-1/4" folded. 
 Both the bifold wallet and trifold wallet are available either as a
fullskin or edged, when the chosen exotic skin allows. If your current wallet has excessive wear showing on the wallet's edges, it is recommended that you buy the edged-style construction.

Rock (aka Molorous) Python
 This is big python shown in Survivor Gabon. 


Individually cut, the kip is dyed black, glued, and stitched with a commercial grade nylon thread.  Each raw edge is sanded and sealed producing a finely finished edge.

Indigenous exotic hides (diamondback -eastern, western, watersnake) are obtained from legal harvesters in the United States and tanned in Tennessee.  Non-indigenous skins (python, Java lizard, and shark) are obtained through licensed exotic dealers.  Each python, shark, or lizard hide from outside the U.S. has a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) either stamped or affixed to the hide.  This CITES certificate guarantees that the hide has gone through U.S. customs.  Hides which are NOT allowed to be shipped into California include python, the western diamondback rattlesnake and the prairie diamondback rattlesnake.
After years of special orders requesting larger wallets, we modified our handmade wallet styles to be larger than their commercial counterparts.   In so doing, our wallets fold flatter and are taller, so that credit cards do not stick out of the top to break.  Because we do not  use any cloth or plastic in the construction of our products, the resulting products are extremely durable.  However, there is a trade-off.  Each layer of kip is 2-3 ounce, which translates to roughly 2-3/64ths of an inch in thickness.  Therefore your handmade bifold or trifold wallet will be 'thicker' than most commercial wallets.  BUT, it will wear longer!

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

   Because each handmade bifold or trifold wallet also contains an exotic leather (python, cobra, eastern diamondback rattlesnake or western diamondback rattlensnake, ring lizard or shark), it should periodically be treated with some form of leather moisturizer ranging anywhere from Armor-All to boot creams.  All leather has some oils put back during the tanning process.  Until your handmade wallet starts to show signs of 'dryness', I recommend that you do not use any product to add oils to the leather. 

Prices range from $35.00 to $53.00.  Availability of exotic skins may be limited as to whether they are suited to be used for a fullskin wallet.  Each wallet is unique as the natural patterns on the exotic skin changes as the pattern progresses down the skin. 

                      Ordering information:

The TRIFOLD wallet has three inside pockets and is available either edged (an undulating edge both top and bottom) or as a fullskin.   See 'diamondback watersnake' above, on left, for the edged style.  See the rock python or eastern diamondback rattlesnake for examples of full skin wallets.

Our standard BIFOLD wallet with exotic skin accent has two pockets on the right side opening towards the center, and one on the left under the covered area for pictures. 

A BI-1-CARD construction has the covered area for pictures on the left with three-stacked pockets on the right.  The stacked pockets form a pocket underneath.

A BI-2-CARD construction has three-stacked pockets on both sides. A 'FULL SKIN' means that the exotic skin was sufficiently wide so that leather did not need to be added to its width to cover the wallet's outside.

An 'EDGED' wallet is one in which the exotic skin was not wide enough to be a fullskin, or the edging was added for appearance.  The edging also adds protection for the corners of the wallet to reduce wear and prolong the life of the exotic skin.

January 22, 2009

"Just a small note: let you know, I received my billfold today and have to say it's quite impressive.  Thank you for the quality work and I'll definitely put out a good word on your products and workmanship."

M in Texas


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